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Rumble in the Jungle - Zeds Dead

Legbamel Not-Pop

Despite my deep-seated desire to add an apostrophe to their name, Zeds Dead has been changing my opinion of dubstep lately. Until I found them, what I'd heard labeled as dubstep had been slow in the extreme. Anyone who's read more than half a dozen of my posts knows that's not my thing.

But with songs like Rumble in the Jungle Zeds Dead has shown me a new, funkier side to the genre. (Or is it a sub-genre? I can't keep these labels straight.) Whatever you call it, have a listen to Rumble in the Jungle, dance your booty off, and then, if you like it, try Here Comes the Boom. Oh, and drop me a note if you know of other up-tempo dubstep I might like.

Rumble In The Jungle by Zeds Dead on Grooveshark

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