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Metal Batteries: Metallica versus van Canto

Legbamel Not-Pop

If you've all been missing out on the no-guitar metal/goth band van Canto, it's time to remedy your oversight. What better introduction to how the band works than a great cover of Metallica's Battery accompanied by the original for sheer entertainment value?

Van Canto covers and writes metal and fantasy/goth tunes with a great twist: these German geniuses sound like a madrigal group that got a really kick-ass drummer. They aren't, though. None of them is classically trained. Those harmonies are just them, figuring it out for themselves.

I chose Battery because it showcases how they take the name of the songs or bands they cover to make some of the guitar sounds in lieu of actual instruments. (For a very goofy example, try their cover of Manowar's Kings of Metal.) They don't always do that but it's a lot more fun when they do.

So take a listen to Metallica and then van Canto performing Battery. Let me know which you like better!

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