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Related or Not: Greg Preston & the Great Machine and Toadies

Legbamel Not-Pop

This disingenuous query really seeks to draw your attention to Zoot Suit from Greg Preston & the Great Machine (who temptation lures me to associate with Florence & the Apparently-Regular Machine, great as they are). The song (that’d be Zoot Suit, in case I confused you with that last parenthetical comment) includes a short section about coming up from the water to stand on his own two feet like modern man.

Naturally, I assume this to be a tribute to The Toadies and their I Come from the Water. Listen to both songs and let me know what you think. Is the relation obvious to you as well or is the similar symbolism just a Darwinian coincidence?

I Come From the Water by Toadies on Grooveshark

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