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Two Left Feet - Anya Marina

Legbamel Not-Pop

People send me terrific music and I post it. That’s pretty much a given for a music blog, right? But after a time I have some of these songs in my regular playlist (all 1,200 songs of it) and they become just one more song that I love.

They become familiar and cozy, like your favorite hoodie that you habitually throw on when you’re chilly. It may be dark and a little geeky, but it’s a part of your life. And then, one day, someone will say something about the graphic or the logo you’d all but forgotten was on it and you suddenly appreciate it with new eyes.

Or ears, in this case. I’ve been listening to Anya Marina for a good, long time now. Two Left Feet has played in the background at least a dozen times and I groove to it, chair dancing and sometimes singing along if no one’s around, without really thinking about it. Today someone asked me who it was.

Suddenly, I really listened to the song again as I hadn’t for months. And, do you know what? Two Left Feet is a great song! I knew that, of course, or it wouldn’t pop up so often on my computer. But I thought I’d share it with you so you could know it, too.

Two Left Feet by Anya Marina on Grooveshark

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