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Move It - Balkan Beat Box

Legbamel Not-Pop

I'm not altogether sure what to call Balkan Beat Box. Israeli Gypsy Reggae? Bah, who cares. All you need to know is that they just released a new album on March 5th and that Move It isn't on it. Well, that and they rock.

If you click over to their web site above you can watch the video for Part of the Glory of the new album, "Give", but for now I'm going to share a song from the album "Blue Eyed Black Boy" from 2010. You may find it interesting that Ori Kaplan from Firewater is one of the three members.

If you like this one half as much as I do, have a listen to Digital Monkey and Cha Cha. I'm still miffed that none of you told me about Balkan Beat Box but I'll forgive you if you tell me what you think of them.

Move It by Balkan Beat Box on Grooveshark

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