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Borneo - Firewater

Legbamel Not-Pop

It hasn’t been all that long since my recent post about Firewater but I had to share again. Since we got our greedy fingers on the album “The Golden Hour” my family has been dancing around and singing, “Hey, Borneo” at inappropriate moments. In my last post I included the last track on the disc—Three-Legged Dog—but I hadn’t yet heard the first. Suffice it to say that it immediately went on my mp3 player and I intend, when my convertible gets out of the shop, to share Borneo with half the residents in town. You can say you heard it here first. (Unless, that is, you’ve already heard it but don’t tell anyone if that’s the case, okay? We wouldn’t want folks to think I’m behind the curve.)

I hereby nominate Borneo as the most fun war protest song since Alice's Restaurant. It doesn't include circles and arrows on the back of each one or a Group W bench but it also doesn't last eighteen-plus minutes. There's a trade-off for everything, you know. At any rate, take a listen and judge for yourself. It's actually better than the Draft Dodger Rag, I swear!

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