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Maps - The Front Bottoms

Legbamel Not-Pop

In case you missed it, NPR offered a huge pile of free downloads for some of this year's SXSW bands. You know I (digitally) ran right over to snag the lot.

Of them, The Front Bottoms grabbed my attention the hardest. The song posted was Maps, which means you can head over there and get your own copy for free, and between the lyrics and the music it brought me back for a second listen, a pretty good trick when among dozens of indie tracks.

Thus I'm offering you a listen today as well as the link to a lot more. And the next time you say you don't care about politics remember these are the people whose funding Congress wanted to eliminate. Look what they do and then realize that those people in Washington really can have an every-day effect on your lives. Now have a listen to Maps while I put this soapbox away until next time.

Maps by The Front Bottoms on Grooveshark

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