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Jukebox Roots: I Fought the Law

Legbamel Not-Pop

Many, many months ago (about three and a half years' worth) I posted a little history of the song I Fought the Law with nary an embedded player to be seen. Then I wrote a little article about it, including videos, lyrics, and more and forgot all about it.

But it seems high time I gave you all a way to actually enjoy the song right here on The NPJ. For a song coming up on its sixtieth birthday I Fought the Law is still remarkably fresh-sounding to my ears. It's certainly been updated and re-imagined enough times over the passing decades.

Thus I've added for your listening pleasure everyone from Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, Jr, to The Pogues and The Grateful Dead. Naturally, I've included the Bobby Fuller Four version that is so well-known and The Clash who, for me, recorded the iconic cover thereof. In all you'll find fifteen versions of the song here, though no Green Day and no Bruce Springsteen, thank you very much.

Don't miss the 80s rockabilly goodness of the Stray Cats or the barely-understandable version from Mano Negra. The Beatsteaks recorded an oddly affecting cover of the song, very gritty and a little downbeat. And Die Toten Hosen, not quite a German Clash cover band but close, naturally recorded a great version, as well. Let me know which one you like best!

We All Fought the Law by legbamel on Grooveshark

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