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Mashup of the Month: Celeshake - A Plus D

Legbamel Not-Pop

Happy March, darlings, and Happy Mashup Day! For this gorgeous start to spring, this glorious vernal equinox, I bring you a mash of celebration. Literally. Celebration.

I defy you all not to shake your booties to this combination of cheesy hip hop song (from the Ying Yang Twins with Pitbull, if that tells you anything) and some Kool & the Gang-ian goodness. Celeshake makes you want to throw your hands in the air, shake your thang, and generally whoop it up like they do in the chorus. Well, it does me.

And so enjoy Celeshake from the ever-so-talented A Plus D. Naturally, you can download the track for free from their bootie mashup site, where a ton and a half of wonderful is just laying around waiting for you. Now that’s something to Celebrate.

Celeshake (Ying Yang Twins feat. Pitbull vs. Kool & the Gang) by A Plus D on Grooveshark

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