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Criminal - Fiona Apple

Legbamel Not-Pop

I've never particularly been a Fiona Apple fan, though I don't actively dislike her music. It's just never really been my thing. But, as with anything, not listening means missing something. In this case, it was Criminal that I missed.

Criminal tells the story of a woman who didn't know what she had until it was gone, but does so in a clever metaphor. It's also a Mass Effect Song for me, but that's pretty off-topic for The NPJ. If you're a fan, you can read a short explanation for each song at Just a BioWare Fan.

At any rate, the remix version on "Tidal" has enough meat on it to carry the solid lyrics and the attitude is a sauce with enough tang to really make you want more. Dangit! Can you tell I had barbeque for lunch? At any rate, what I meant to point out was that, the first time I heard Criminal I thought it was a Florence + the Machine song I'd missed.

THat means I'd like to hear more. If you've a Fiona Apple song you think I'll like, do post it. I think I've been missing out, perhaps, and don't really know where to start.

Criminal (Remix) by Fiona Apple on Grooveshark

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