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Mashup of the Month: Jam on Sesame Street - dj BC

Legbamel Not-Pop

Who hasn't wondered what you get when you cross a children's television show theme with some 80s hip hop? Probably almost all of you, though some of you weirdos probably thought, "Yeah!" at the end of that first sentence.

Do not despair! You are not alone. dj BC not only had that thought but he did it, just to see what happened. But he didn't stop there. He and a few other mash-tacular folks made a whole album of Sesame Street and The Muppet Show mashups, using your favorites, like the pinball counting song and Mahna Mahna in combination with just about You can find whole albums' worth of mashups like the Sesame Street mashes (and great one-shot tracks) at dj BC's site. As ever, the mashups I post can be downloaded for free from their original creators.

For the time being, have a listen to Newcleus visiting Sesame Street and let me know what you think.

Jam On Sesame Street (Sesame Street Theme vs Newcleus) by dj BC on Grooveshark

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