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Don't Stop (Color on the Walls) - Foster the People

Legbamel Not-Pop

Is it me or does Foster the People have a shoe thing? I only ask because, despite the wild popularity of their immensely-creepy school shooting song Pumped Up Kicks, their real kick song is Don't Stop (Color on the Wall).

Before you make assumptions, I actually quite like this song in its perky, pop-y defiance. But the line that struck me on first listen then amused me when their hit song broke was, "I'm gonna kick until I need new shoes."

Now Don't Stop isn't actually about shoes (though there's a chunk of running in there, too). It's about doing what you like, coloring on the walls until you've broken every law, as if that makes much sense. It's just a wacky pop song that makes you feel like being a little naughty. Doesn't that sound like a perfect Friday night song?

Don't Stop (Color On the Walls) by Foster The People on Grooveshark

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