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Mashup of the Month: Addicted to White Lines - A Plus D

Legbamel Not-Pop

Let's go old-school for January's MotM: Grandmaster Flash's wonderful, iconic White Lines, the 80s smash hit Addicted to Love from Robert Palmer, and Protection's (admittedly less-old-school) Protection mashed by the proto-mashers A Plus D.

Here they've taken two pillars of their genres of yesteryear and swirled them through the soup of a cheesy pop song from five years ago to make something that elevates the pop to art. Well, okay, not art. But it's a fantastic mix of old and new pop with the arms of early hip hop holding it all together.

Naturally, you can download Addicted to White Lines and a whole pile of other fantastic stuff for free from A Plus D's Bootie Mashup download page. If you're like me you'll spent an hour listening to and picking up half the songs on the page if you don't already have most of them. Rang-dang-diggity-dang-dang indeed.

Addicted To White Lines (Grandmaster Flash vs. Protection vs. Robert Palmer) by A plus D on Grooveshark

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