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Let It Whip - Dazz Band

Legbamel Not-Pop

In 1982, Dazz Band released what many likely think was their one and only hit: Let It Whip. Clearly they've forgotten Joystick from a year later but let's focus on one songs at a time, here. Let It Whip brought them massive radio play and a Grammy and it's the song for which they are best known.

For me, this song falls in a nostalgic category occupied by Earth, Wind, & Fire, KC & the Sunshine Band, and a whole pile of other disco funk. But as my life edged into the 80s this sound expanded to include people like Midnight Star.

Dazz Band bridges the disco-to-80s-music transition and Let It Whip exemplifies that slide. (Not the Electric Slide, silly!) And so I offer it to you today, for you edification or guilty-pleasure remembrance. Happy Friday!

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