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Boogie Shoes - KC & the Sunshine Band

Legbamel Not-Pop

I thought it was about time I posted one of my secret favorite songs. One of the very first 45s I ever bought was (Shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty by KC & the Sunshine Band. As so often happens to me, I found the B side of the record to be even better than the popular single. Boogie Shoes was a wildly popular song in the late 70s. It appeared in a couple of movies when I was a kid but what I really remember is listening to is on our Mickey Mouse record player over and over again. While roller skating. I still have the 45 and I still love to listen to it, whether I skate around the driveway while doing so or not. It's strange to me to hear the song without the hisses and pops that have become a part of it in my mind, but I still say it's a fantastic, feel-good song. Heck, the first thing I did in designing my blog was to put a pair of Boogie Shoes in the side bar. I hope you remember it as fondly as I do, or learn to love it as much.

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