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Ca Chante - SMOD

Legbamel Not-Pop

What do you get when you combine three rappers from Mali with Manu Chao? Songs like Ca Chante that are not only in French but make you smile even when you aren't altogether sure what they're saying.

I don't know if I'd love this song quite as much if it weren't for the guy saying "whee!" in the background. I just picture some guy on a trampoline, listening to this song and bouncing in time. And, of course, there's the lovely guitars and the way their voices work together on the chorus. That's good, too.

Now, it just so happens that one of SMOD happens to be Sam, whose parents are Amadou & Miriam, deservedly famous in their own right. It's like the perfect world music trifecta, brought to you in full living color through the wonderfulness of YouTube. Isn't it great to be alive now?

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