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Merry Blues - Manu Chao

Legbamel Not-Pop

Thank heavens for the HypeMachine, which almost daily introduces me to new artists. Today, Cause=Time introduced me to Manu Chao and Bongo Bong, which led me to spend an hour listening to several of his tracks on LastFM and Grooveshark. Since I’ve already linked you to one song, I’ll add Merry Blues here. This one has an almost reggae sound, with a syncopated beat and some mellow horns, but is by no means representative of Chao's work, which spans a couple-three of continents and half a dozen languages.

As an aside, I must have gotten on a list of bloggers somewhere, because I received an e-mail asking for submissions to the Music Video Awards, to be a part of the Hollywood Film Festival in October, 2009. I don’t know anything about the festival, nor do I own the rights to any music videos to submit, but I thought that those of you who do might be interested in submitting something to get the word out, or to take a shot at winning something.
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