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Summer Krushhh - Chocolate Robots

Legbamel Not-Pop

The gents with Chocolate Robots were kind enough to send me links to two videos and their Bandcamp page. Upon a thorough listen, I knew I wanted to share them with you.

While the first two songs, for which they have videos, Impossible Princess and Young Luff, are perfectly enjoyable indie pop it was Summer Krushhh I wanted you to hear. I defy you not to think about The Violent Femmes while you listen to that track (particularly now that I've put the thought into your heads).

So have a good time listening and let me know what you think. If you like, you can wander over to Youtube and have a look at the guys but I always like to listen first and look second so as to avoid any pre-conceived notions that capes and mullets might have given me...not that that's a hint or anything. And if you just don't hear the Femmes in Summer Krushhh let me know that, too.

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