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Rip It Up - Wanda Jackson and Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

In hearing Wanda Jackson you are immediately transported back to the 50s and the tie when rockabilly, soul, and blues were turning into some great amalgam of rock and roll. Thus I presumed that she had recorded Rip It Up back then. I was mistaken. Now the song does date back to 1956 but Bill Haley and His Comets released the song then. Well, so did Little Richard. You may be unsurprised, in listening to both versions, that Little Richard's Rip It Up was a much bigger hit. Bill Haley sounds a bit bored, truth be told. But the Wanda Jackson version came out in...wait for it...2011. So I decided to find covers from the decades between the two. Here I've got The Zombies, Chuck Berry, Los Lobos, and T. Rex sounding like a refugee from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. I also found Elvis Presley, Brian Setzer, The Queers, and Commander Cody & His Lost Planet Airmen. Oh, and The Everly Brothers to round out the full dozen. Let me know which you like best. And if you've got one that doesn't appear hear, let me know. It seems like there must be more than a round dozen--and, no, the Nazareth and Razorlight songs are not the same tune. I kinda liked the Nazareth one, though.

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