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Ya Mama - Fatboy Slim

Legbamel Not-Pop

While I love Fatboy Slim (in all his many incarnations) He sometimes suffers from that age-old illness of not knowing when to end a song. Such is the case with Ya Mama, which bangs hard then, instead of ending, takes a squidgy break and then starts all over again for another couple of minutes.

Today I discovered an improvement: a fantastic motion capture video from Nathan Mauger on Vimeo. It's synchronized perfectly with the music but only uses the first half of the song so you don't start to wonder if Fatboy Slim will ever reach the end. In truth, I would have watched another two and a half minutes of the video so he could have used the full thing.

Today, enjoy them together and, if you like what you hear and I haven't scared you off, have a listen to the whole song. Let me know what you think of either or both.

Ya Mama by Fatboyslim on Grooveshark

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