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Shotgun - SCOTS, Jr Walker, & Much More

Legbamel Not-Pop

This post started out about a pair of very different songs that I have, both titled Shotgun. The first remains a family favorite: Southern Culture on the Skids's tribute to traditional wedding plans. "You cannot buy true love but you can shoot its ass."

The second is that old soul favorite, Jr Walker & the All Stars as adopted into the Grammy Hall of Fame. But when I went to get the two I found a pile of songs with just that one word title: Shotgun. Several are the same Motown jam, including a great instrumental version from Richard Elliot that for some reason reminds me of the old Tonight Show. Then there's a Limp Bizkit thing, for which I don't particularly care, a pile of 70s guitar and organ from Vanilla Fudge, a taste of ska from Less Than Jake, and the weirdest thing I've ever heard from Duran Duran.

I rounded out the list with a cover from Gov't Mule by the guy who inducted the song into said Hall of Fame, some creepy thing from Pete and the Pirates, and a classic from Lightning Hopkins about how he's going to take a shotgun after his woman because she's been fooling around with too many men. Yikes! To recover from those I finished with Bachman Turner Overdrive about riding shotgun. I suspect that one is mislabeled, as it cuts out abruptly at 54 seconds and several other BTO songs called Shotgun Rider appear on their list, but I can't be held responsible for other people's mistakes, can I? I can't except the Junior Walker ones I culled that were mistagged as Wilson Pickett and Booker T & the MGs, that is.

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