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Mashup of the Month: Silly F*ck Songs - dj BC

Legbamel Not-Pop

Like seemingly everyone in the English-speaking world, Cee-Lo Green’s Fuck You took my world by storm. I’ve got several mashups and all of them make me smile, but none more than dj BC’s version with Wings and The Supremes. That’s partly because I don’t particularly care for Paul McCartney’s voice and when he whines, “I loooooove you,” Cee-Lo Green responds, “F you!”

But that pettiness isn’t the only reason I’ve nominated it for Mashup of the Month (that’s MotM for short, by the way). If just so happens that I enjoy the clever juxtaposition of a sappy love song, the resignedly-bitter Diana Ross, and a vehemently happy post-breakup rant. It’s like a whole, crappy relationship in compressed form, but a lot more fun.

You can, naturally, download Silly Fuck Songs for free from the official dj BC web site. While you're there have a look around. You can pick up whole albums worth of mashed-up goodness including his holiday compilations!

Silly Fuck Songs (Cee-Lo Green vs. Paul McCartney vs. Diana Ross) by dj BC on Grooveshark

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