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Jukebox Roots: Diggin' Me - Martin Sexton

Legbamel Not-Pop

Way back at the beginning, here at the NPJ, I added a slew of wonderful songs with unstable widgets that left you unable to enjoy them should you wish to explore the archives. That's why I do these "Jukebox Roots" posts: to fix those old dogs by teaching them new, Grooveshark tricks. Today I thought I'd carry on my recent paean to Martin Sexton when he does what he does best with a re-post of Diggin' Me. This was the very first song of his that I heard and one that I still love. You can read what I thought about it (and still do) on that old post. For today, I'm just going to let you enjoy the song. Don't miss the fantastic trumpet impression that slew me upon first hearing.

Diggin Me by Martin Sexton on Grooveshark

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