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Eleanoraround the World - Daft Beatles

Legbamel Not-Pop

I get a fair number of tracks posted on Soundcloud and I thought I'd post a trial today with the player to see how they work. To make it more fun, I've chosen a great mashup of The Beatles and Daft Punk by the aptly named Daft Beatles that he's titled Eleanoraround the World. In case that name is unclear it's Eleanor Rigby versus Around the World. For someone that professes not to be a big Beatles fan I do seem to be drawn to mashes of them. Perhaps that simply means the Fab Four need some updating? Let me know what you think. As ever with my mashup posts, you can download this one for free from the Soundcloud page linked below.

Daft Punk Vs The Beatles - 'Eleanoround The World' - THE ORIGINAL @daftbeatles MASH UP by DAFT BEATLES

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