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Doin' the Thing - Lefties Soul Connection

Legbamel Not-Pop

Sometimes you end up with music you probably would have missed but for silly coincidences. In searching for something else to do with left-handedness I happened upon Lefties Soul Connection. Naturally, that meant I had to listen.

Now, the LSC is billed as a Dutch funk band, which I suppose they are. But most of their songs are more organ and snare than bass guitar, which slides them a lot closer to jazz in my book. There is, however, Doin' the Thing. They released the song in 2002 as their first single and I've not heard them beat it yet, though I'm still working my way through their albums.

So late this Tuesday evening please accept a funky Dutch instrumental that at least should get your toes tapping if not your booty shaking. If you're a fan of Lefties Soul Connection, give me a recommendation. Thus far I'm quite liking the "Hutspot" album but not much else. I still say they sound more like Booker T and the MGs than Wild Cherry but I'd be open to being proven wrong.

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