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You Pick the Winner: Farm Accident vs. Mike Doughty

Legbamel Not-Pop

When it comes to songs about destroying a major chain franchise, Farm Accident wrote the book but Mike Doughty penned the sequel. There's something almost universal about the desire to rebel against the forced conformity of Starbucks and the predictable, wannabe decor of your basic Hard Rock Cafe. And so why not songs about Burning Down the Hard Rock Cafe and Busting Up a Starbucks?

Mike Doughty and Farm Accident approach their subjects in different ways, however. I want to know which one you like better. Both have a place in my heart, Burning Down the Hard Rock Cafe because I saw them perform it live twenty years ago and Busting Up a Starbucks because, well, it's Mike Doughty. I don't know that I could pick the winner in this one.

I'm turning to you, my darling readers, with a plea for your votes. Let me know if you've heard either of these, which one you like better, and whether you have another "take down the chain stores" sort of song to add to the contest.

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