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Mashup of the Month: Mash Me Amadeus - DJ Schmolli

Legbamel Not-Pop

If you’re half as big an 80s geek as I, the idea that someone made an entire album of Falco mashups makes you want to run right over and get them. I, of course, did just that. And of the whole “Falco re:loaded” album, the one that tickled me the most was Mash Me Amadeus.

As with pretty much every mashup I post, you can download Mash Me Amadeus, and the rest of the tracks, for free from the Falco re:loaded site. In this case, you’ll get the iconic Rock Me Amadeus twined under and over things like We Will Rock You, Funk Soul Brother, Pump Up the Volume, and some guy proclaiming that “I am number one”, whoever that is.

I realized, in looking to see how often I’ve posted mashups, that I’ve only shared half a dozen this year. Thus I’m declaring the nineteenth of each month Mashup of the Month day. I’ve got quite a backlog to post so brace yourselves for more wacky, twisted mashes that you can get for free. And where I can I’ll post mashed videos to go with them. In the meantime, go grab “Falco re:loaded” and let me know which one is your favorite.

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