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I Want to Take You Higher - Robert Randolph and More

Legbamel Not-Pop

If you're going to cover Sly & the Family Stone's I Want to Take You Higher, you need a family band. Handily, Robert Randolph has one. But apparently someone bizarre genius decided that he and The Family Band weren't quite enough. And so Steven Tyler was added to the mix.

I imagine you're thinking what I did: why the hell would you do that to what would have been a fantastic song? But give it a listen and you'll understand. It's amazing, with as much energy as the Energizer Bunny after a couple of lines. This cover of I Want to Take You Higher is a get-up-and-dance song if I've ever heard one...and I have so I know.

Of course I couldn't leave it at just the one great cover. Enjoy the original from Sly & the Family Stone, Eric Clapton with Jeff Beck, Blues Traveler, Tesla, the Jackson 5, and Paulo Nutini. If that doesn't get you shaking your boom-laka-laka-laka then there's no hope for your posterior. Let me know which one you like best!

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