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Banana Ripple - Junior Boys

Legbamel Not-Pop

It's Friday. It's late. I've been listening to Banana Ripple for several minutes as I do my other on-line tasks and, in truth, some part of my mind simply assumed that I had put on an old Pet Shop Boys album and let it play, as who expects an indie, electro-pop sort of song to go on for over nine minutes. Heck, that is half a Pet Shop Boys album.

But this is, in fact, Junior Boys and the album is far newer than the 1986 sound. Banana Ripple came, in fact, from their album "It's All True" released just four months ago. It's a bit mellow for my usual fare but I actually listened to the whole thing without having any desire to hurry the boys along. In fact, it's piqued my interest in Junior Boys so you may be hearing more from them here in the future. What did you think: did you love it, hate it, or just let it run on in the background?

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