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Rolling in the Fire and Flames - Dan Mei

Legbamel Not-Pop

I was contemplating posting a "true confession" post about liking Adele and the wildly-popular Rolling in the Deep when I realized that I didn't have to. It's been mashed six ways to Sunday and all I have to do is admit to adoring one of them. And so I have for you the fastest and most furious of the mixes I've found: Dan Mei's Rolling in the Fire and Flames, in which the ever-so-calm Adele has had her RPMs boosted, big time, by Dragonforce.

Naturally you can download the mash for free, in this case at Mashup Industries Did I mention I have a new article about mashups where you can share your support (or disdain) for the DJs that create them? I didn't? Well, I do.

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