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Jambalaya - The Del McCoury Band & The Preservation Hall Jazz Band

Legbamel Not-Pop

For those of you unaware, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band has recorded an album with The Del McCoury Band called "American Legacies" which you can download in full from Amazon for a mere five bucks. And why would you? Because you probably don't realize how closely New Orleans Jazz and bluegrass are linked until you listen to the album. In fact, the reason I heard of the "American Legacies" in the first place was the fantastic interviews and liver performances on World Cafe the other day. I've been searching ever since for a great example to include here. This performance of Jambalaya had the best sound and video quality of the group I found plus it's an old Hank Williams tune they talk about in the interview. If you like this one, have a listen to Mullensberg Joys (or Milenberg Joys, depending which genre you ask). If I can find the studio recordings uploaded somewhere to share I'll certainly be posting more.

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