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Six Days on the Road - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

Six Days on the Road is one of those songs that worked its way into my subconscious at some point in my early life and never left, kind of like I Love a Rainy Night. I've got a few versions of the song but its a country standard so you can find plenty more out there.

It seemed appropriate to limit my list to six versions of Six Days on the Road. Naturally Taj Mahal made the cut as his is one of my favorite covers. I included George Thorogood and the Destroyers in honor of their having been in town last week (and because their version rocks). Naturally you can't have a list like this without Boxcar Willie. The Rumpshakers made the cut because their take on the song made me shake my rump and I kept George Jones because I like his voice.

If you've a favorite cover of Six Days on the Road, whether I included it here or not, please share it.

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