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Jukebox Roots: Saturday Night - Pale Young Gentlemen

Legbamel Not-Pop

As so often happens, I awoke with a song in my head. In this case it was Pale Young Gentlemen's Saturday Night, wholly inappropriate for a Monday morning and yet there it was...and still is. But when I went to see if I'd posted it I found only a sorry imeem widget that had long since given up the ghost.

Naturally I thought it best to replace that post, though you can still read what I thought of Saturday Night three years ago, with a song you could actually play. And so here I am today with a great indie group out of Madison, Wisconsin that still sounds inventive and fresh.

Sadly, I can find no indication that they're busily recording and making a new record for us impatient fans. They're been nothing on social media for weeks which, as you know, is something like a decade in dog years and a century in Internet terms. We can only hope that they're getting ready to follow up their first two albums with something even better. Cross your fingers, folks!

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