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Hot Dog - Pookiesnackenburger

Legbamel Not-Pop

With deep thanks to the darling Polybore, who's anything but boring, I bring you all the best band name on the entire weird band name discussion: Pookiesnackenburger. While I almost went with Happy Cajun they just couldn't beat Hot Dog.

I'm not sure how this widget will work as it's from we7 radio but, unsurprisingly, Grooveshark had nothing from the short-lived group (though they had their own television show, apparently). I found two different "whatever happened to" answers, one widely-accepted version saying that they developed into Stomp and the other alleging that they became The Yes/No People. I'm on the case, my dears, and I'll let you know what I find. Until then, enjoy Hot Dog from Pookiesnackenburger.

Okay, that left you with a crappy link and no music to listen to here. I can't help but think that's supposed to work differently. I offer, as a supplement, their song Just One Cornetto to give you an idea of their wacky sound.

Edit: HA! It started working and now you get two for the price of one. Enjoy!

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