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Jukebox Roots: Rage in the Cage - The J Geils Band

Legbamel Not-Pop

As another throwback to the bad old days at the beginning of The NPJ, when I didn't know how to post an awesome song properly, I bring you the wonder of Rage in the Cage from The J Geils Band. In short, this was the song that introduced me to the wonders of B sides, back when you bought a 45 that actually had an A and a B side.

My sister bought ours because of the pop hit on the front but from the first listen I loved Rage in the Cage about fifteen times more. I still have the thing, though, because I stole it from her when she was heavily into cassettes. She's still got the K-Tel records, though. It's a toss-up who won that round. What about you, my darlings? Do you have a favorite B side or a 45 you've been hoarding for thirty years (or more)?

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