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John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) - David Bowie

Legbamel Not-Pop

Do you remember when I wrote yesterday that I was going to be deeper today? I lied. John, I'm Only Dancing (Again) is simply not a deep song. It is, however, fun and strange and fascinating in the way that only David Bowie covering his own work could be. I like the remake from the "Young Americans" album much better than the original take.

The second version has a lot more soul, both the sound (which has some serious funk going on in the background) and the voice, with a lot less falsetto. The lyrics are more accessible but still retain their "David Bowie wants you to believe he's a freak" flavor of the original. But at least I can see how he can get from this to Labyrinth in about ten years.

There, I did give you more than "I like this song"! And there you were, doubting me. Okay, folks, impress me: what's your favorite David Bowie song? No fair saying John, I'm Only Dancing (Again), I took that answer.

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