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Hot Pants Explosion - The B-52s

Legbamel Not-Pop

For the Fourth of July holiday in the US, I wanted a song about fireworks but I can't stand Katy Perry and apparently no one else has recorded one. So I thought I'd go with explosions. Most of the songs I found were lame in the extreme or were cheesy love songs. It's too hot out to put up with that sort of crap.

And so I ended up combining hot with explosions and bring you Hot Pants Explosion from The B-52s. And, really, don't you just know there are thousands of young ladies in hot pants at barbeques all over the country, sharing potato salad and sparklers with their families or neighbors. It's nice that the hold a holiday that requires you to go outside and explode things during the summer when you don't have to worry about setting your mittens on fire. What thoughtful forefathers we had, to arrange this thus for us. Happy Fourth!

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