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Spinning - Jack's Mannequin

Legbamel Not-Pop

For some reason, Jack's Mannequin seems to me like a band that recorded in the early 90s and I completely missed. That's untrue, of course. They've just released their third album (and I only heard of them because they're playing in town). Spinning in particular just seems like such an old song to me. But then again I lived through the 80s and that sound seems to be coming back into vogue again so maybe it's just the style.

I'm not in love with a lot of their songs but I listened to a whole pile of Jack's Mannequin stuff today and I can tell you that they do good work. The reason I wanted to listen to them wasn't the rather bland review I read (the writing, as the review was very positive) but the fact that the lead singer has recovered from leukemia and has a foundation called Dear Jack that raises money for cancer research. The great music was just a bonus.

If you like Spinning then definitely try Deep Blue and Bruised. You'll find them all and a whole lot more...including a nice cover of The Everly Brothers' (All I Have to Do Is) Dream...on Grooveshark.

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