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Jukebox Roots: I Dig Your Wig - Buddy Guy

Legbamel Not-Pop

Far back in the beginning of The NPJ I posted about Ben Vaughn's I Dig Your Wig but gave you no way to hear the song or its various versions. What in the world was I thinking?!

I'll tell you what I'm thinking now: why the heck can't I find the half-dozen versions I know exist? I've had a very frustrating day searching for a recording of the Ben Vaughn version that had me rockin' earlier this morning. But no, the closest I could get was a video with poor video and worse sound quality.

I Dig Your Wig still rocks my socks, though. And so I offer the consolation prize: Buddy Guy. (Note: this is not the same song at all.) If you know of a great-sounding recording of the Ben Vaughn version that I can embed or at least link to from here please do let me know.

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