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I Dig Your Wig - Ben Vaughn

Legbamel Not-Pop

You shouldn’t confuse Ben Vaughn’s I Dig Your Wig with Buddy Guy’s song of the same name. While Buddy Guy wrote his version first, he didn’t even use the words in the recording that I’ve heard (nor do they appear in the Scott Holt tribute version, which I quite like). Ben Vaughn, on the other hand, turned the song into a bizarre symphony of electronic keyboards, rockabilly guitar, harmonica, and horns as a tribute to an enormous pile of fake hair. I wish I could have found an mp3 to include here, but the songs remain relatively obscure, regardless of their entertainment value. At least you can get Ben Vaughn’s I Dig Your Wig on its own. To get the Buddy Guy version, you’ll have to buy an entire album. The only videos of the song I could find were live bootlegs of The Boogie Ramblers, covering the Ben Vaugh version without keyboards or horns.
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