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Hello - The Cat Empire

Legbamel Not-Pop

In the search for a song to say, "Hello!" to my new template I ran into the downfall of all music snobs: no commercial radio means you miss the occasional great music that everyone at whom you look down your snooty nose already heard. And so I come ten years late to the party that is The Cat Empire. Seriously, I rely on you people to tell me about a band that combines ska, salsa, and straight-forward rock into something wildly wonderful.

Of course, I really only have myself to blame, though how I missed Strong Coffee in my fascination with songs with the topic I may never understand. But I intended to write about my new template. I have one. It's colorful and I finally got my jukebox. I'll be tweaking it further, naturally (particularly as it's eaten my post tags) but I'd love some feedback whether you love or hate it. Have a look while The Cat Empire says Hello.

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