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Ferris Wheel - The Living Sisters

Legbamel Not-Pop

I can't help it, I freaking love Ferris Wheel. Every time I listen to it I just smile. I love Ferris Wheels, I love the imagery of the lyrics, I love the sweet, twee little voices of The Living Sisters. It's pure sap and I refuse to apologize for adoring it.

I am, however, inflicting it on you all so that I can hopefully find a sympathizer or two among you. I know it's a bit kittens-and-rainbows for my usual fare but I am helpless before their harmonies. Heck, you should see me devouring the cheese of (You Don't Know) How Glad I Am with a...well, a cheese-eating grin on my face. How these ladies can feed me love song pap and make me like it I may never know. They do, though.

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