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You Pick the Winner - Imogen Heap vs. Esser

Legbamel Not-Pop

Today let's take two songs with the same title, Headlock, that looks at the opposite ends of a relationship. Imogen Heap seems to be seeking a way into someone's heart (one kept inaccessible in a headlock, hence the title) and to convince that person to let go. Esser, on the other hand, is fighting to get out of a crappy relationship and yet can't quite escape the emotional headlock in which the other party holds him (them?). In truth, the former always makes me want to point Ms. Heap to the latter as a cautionary tale of love going bad.

But as this is a round of You Pick the Winner the flavor of the songs is as important as how they relate to each other in my head, if not more so. So tell me, dear readers, which song do you like better? I don't have a favorite in this pair: I quite like them both but for very different reasons.

Edit: Apparently I've posted Esser's Headlock before. Oh, well, enjoy it again!

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