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Indy Kidz - Cage the Elephant

Legbamel Not-Pop

Today I bring you an example of my least favorite musical habit: bands or singers who get self-indulgent and keep going on a song after it should have ended. Cage the Elephant does this plenty, and Indy Kidz remains their worst offender. Both this song and Sabertooth Tiger would have been great songs, had they ended at about 1:40. The latter goes on for more than a minute after that with gratuitous screaming. Indy Kidz takes another three full minutes to doodle and scream its way to the end. We won't even talk about Flow from the same album.

Now, I don't know if record companies say to people, "We can't sell an album with a dozen songs less than two minutes long," or what. Clearly they can, if it's a punk band with a strong enough following, but maybe they got too many complaints about 30-minute albums for $15 and told people that they have to make their songs longer. That would explain the rampant...wait, no it wouldn't. Those same complaints and this same habit has been a musical pet peeve for me for decades. I still think it sucks. Enjoy the first third of the song and do let me know if you think the rest of it adds anything. Maybe I'm just impatient!

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