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Goin' Down - The Monkees

Legbamel Not-Pop

‘Way back in the 60s The Monkees were reviled when it was revealed that (gasp!) they did not actually play their instruments or write their own songs. Yet the producers and members seem almost prophetic in hindsight. They were somewhere between the first boy band and Britney Spears, but with a TV show that was not labeled “reality” and didn’t involve child neglect and embarrassing drunken antics. Well, there were plenty of antics but it was more Scoobie Doo than Big Brother.

So I thought I’d post a song from The Monkees today to celebrate the fact that, superb instrumentalists or not, they sang some great songs. But I won’t post Last Train to Clarksville or, heaven forbid, I’m a Believer. After all these years those are still pop songs. (Well, everything they did was a pop song by genre definition but these are still popular enough to carry the title lo! these many years later.) And so I'm including Goin' Down, sung as most of the songs were by Mickey and a lot less country-flavored than many of the band's lesser-known tunes. It's just a good song by a much-reviled bunch of guys.

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