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Carpet Burn - Doctors & Dealers

Legbamel Not-Pop

Last October I reviewed the Trouble EP from Doctors & Dealers and, to my delight, the full album I promised in that post, “Every Sinner Has a Future”, arrived in my e-mail box last week. I performed my due diligence and have listened to it several times. The songs from the EP appear on the full album (with the exception of Stubborn Liar, which is too bad) and Backstabber still claims the “best of the bunch” title in my book.

But how dull would it be to post the same song for the full album release? And so I offer the runner up, Carpet Burn. Sparrow has filled this one with the same carnival bizarreness that flavored the songs on the EP with even more merry-go-round sensibility. Yet it's not a fun song, exactly. It's not even about getting carpet burn the fun way, like you might be thinking, you dirty-minded things.

Now that I've mentioned merry-go-rounds, I'm picturing her singing this one one. In fact, I can see her going straight into Bankruptcy Blues on that same, indubitably black horse. But that mental image has little do with with my review of the album except to point out that the songs that work best for me on “Every Sinner Has a Future” are the faster ones.

You can listen to the whole album at Grooveshark. I recommend having a listen to Fishes Like Me as well as Backstabber and Steal Your Life which were carried over from the Trouble EP. The title for the album was a line in Backstabber, in case you were wondering from where it came. I know I was.

EDIT: Ha! I forgot the song. Sorry, all.

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