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Funky Jesus Music - TobyMac

Legbamel Not-Pop

I had intended to do something about bunnies or hopping today but I bumped into Funky Jesus Music and it just seemed so, so appropriate to the day. I listened to this closely and, outside of one line about being "on our knees when we raise the roof" I found no actual, religious content. That seems to me just about perfect for a day that, for most people on this planet, is just another Sunday. And most of the rest of them are more interested in eggs, ham, and candy.

And so I offer you some Funky Jesus Music for Easter Sunday. I'll confess that I first listened to the song because I read the title as Funky Jesus Magic which, what with the whole "back from the dead" thing, seemed custom-made for today. But the song is a lot more hip hop and a lot less preachy that you'd have thought, given his previous membership in DC Talk (yes, I had to Google him). It's just some silly fun for the Easter Bunny.

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