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Don't Be Cruel - Various Artists

Legbamel Not-Pop

I was listening today to the Cheap Trick cover of Don't Be Cruel and I wondered how many other versions there were floating around out there. Naturally, there's Elvis Presley but has anyone really unexpected recorded a cover?

You know what that means: I had to find out so that I could tell you all about it. Sure enough, I found covers from Devo, The Smithereens, and Debbie Harry, of all people. That last was for a tribute album for the song's writer, Otis Blackwell. The Smithereens recorded their version with Otis Blackwell, as well. Apparently The Judds, John Lennon, and Jerry Lee Lewis have also covered the song but Grooveshark didn't have the songs.

So for this "lovely", not-quite-spring day let's tell winter, "Don't Be Cruel"...several times. Maybe it will listen better than it did to that silly groundhog. And if you're having beautiful weather that doesn't include sleet and snow please don't tell me about it. It'd be cruel.

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