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Infamous Love Song - Over the Rhine

Legbamel Not-Pop

Rather than post this slow, sappy, drippy, really interesting love song on Valentine's Day, which would be predictable and dull, I'm going to post Infamous Love Song on some (not really) random Saturday. I heard Over the Rhine interviewed the other day and they talked about this song as it played in the background. I'm not generally big on sickly-sweet songs so you must know that this one offers more than your standard fare of hearts, rainbows, and kittens even if the title didn't give you pause. What really got me about this one was the imagery of the lyrics. Over the Rhine is generally more country and western than my tastes prefer but I cannot deny that they've got a way with words and what sounds like an amazing relationship.

What can I say? I've been working on my list of the Top 100 songs with the word love in the title that I've been meaning to finish since November. Plus, that hearts and candy holiday looms on the immediate horizon. I promise to post something a little more up-tempo tomorrow. Probably.

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