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I Do the Rock - Tim Curry

Legbamel Not-Pop

Hands up, all of you who remember Tim Curry’s rock recording career in the late 70s. Now those of you who think I’m talking about the Rocky Horror Picture Show put your hands down again. Anyone left?

Don’t worry, I don’t either. I've heard him sing quite a lot in movies but it never crossed my mind to look for an album of his own work. Somehow I ended up with I Do the Rock. At first I didn’t care for it but I love Tim Curry so I put the song on my play list anyway. Every time it pops up I love it a little more. Finally, I’ve decided to see if I could dig up a video.

In truth, had the track not come with his name on it I would not have immediately pegged this as Tim Curry. It reminds me a bit of Plastic Bertrand’s Ça Plane Pour Moi of the same era. It’s very strange to me to think that those bygone days were thirty years ago. I wonder if Mr. Curry could still pull off I Do the Rock. Somehow, I suspect he could.

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  1. bicoastal says:

    Hello ... I raised my hand! And I kept it up, even after the RHPS reference. Tim Curry has been one of my favorite singers, ever since I saw his music videos that were shown before the "midnight show." 'Talk about an under-appreciated artist! (I'm sure that must fit in with "ignored, maligned and forgotten!")

    I tend to like artists who don't fit into a neat little genre ~ and Tim Curry sure fits that bill! (I usually love to read that this or that artist presents a problem to the music industry, because he/she doesn't fit into one genre; I know then that I'll probably hear some magic!) Tim's voice and style could project longing, fierceness, elation, tenderness, playfulness or despair (Just listen to "Sloe Gin," if you haven't!) I might have thought I was the only fan of his short-lived music career ... except that his music has been posted on YouTube in recent years, and the comments reveal that there is a small-but-devoted group of us whose chemistry was altered by Tim Curry ~ the pop culture icon, the singer and the actor.

    I hope you've listened to some of his other songs, including some unexpected covers, as well as songs he co-wrote. It's surprising to me that, given the caliber of producers and musicians he worked with on his albums, he did not set the music world on fire. Anyway, any time you want to highlight another of his songs, I will be happy to read your thoughts!
    Yours is a very interesting blog!

  2. I'm glad to see at least one person who does! I'll have to do some digging and see if I can't find another to post sometime. Thanks for your kind words. :D

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